Katunishte, Katunishte, Sliven, 8991, Bulgaria

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Gyumishevata house is located in the center of the village of Katunishte, just across the bridge to the town hall. The house is very old. As a cultural monument was restored in the 80s of last century. The current owners bought it in a relatively well-preserved form and a lot of love and labor repairs turned it into a guest house - Gyumishevata house. Preserved are all authentic handmade wooden items from the interior and exterior of the house. Today, the house offers all modern amenities for a pleasant and carefree holiday. The house has a maximum capacity of 11 people, with the following distribution: 1 room with 2 +2 seating 2 rooms with 2 seats 1 room with 3 beds It’s heated by central heating. There are 3 bathrooms. In the courtyard is the tavern - a fully equipped kitchen with all modern amenities for self-catering, a perfect fireplace with oven for roasting lamb (and everything else, you name it). In every room and in the tavern there is a satellite TV. Other "extras": a large, spacious landscaped garden, large lawn with football pitch at approximately 100 meters from the house (seen from the courtyard), river around the house, possibility of day trips to Zheravna, Medven and Kotel; the forest is 150 meters from the house, possibility of hiking in the mountains, picking herbs and mushrooms in the area. The village of Katunishte is located in the Eastern Balkan Mountains, a few kilometers from Zheravna and the picturesque Medven, Kotel and Itchera. The village is characterized by its old authentic wooden houses and high stone walls. Many of the houses, including the guest house Gyumishevata house are culture monuments and under a special regime of protection by the government. In the village, and only 10 meters from the entrance of the guest house a river called Neikovska is running (named after the nearby village Neykovo). In the river there are small fish - an opportunity for the fishermen and great fun for kids. Katunishte was formerly known for its rebellious inhabitants. This is the birthplace of the famous rebel Kara Tanas who feared throughout southeastern Bulgaria for twelve years. He went with a small group of rebels, all his warriors were dressed alike, with the same rifles and pistols. Turks never managed to catch him....

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Different tours are organized. Please, ask on reception or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You could call on +359878387038.

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