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Kipilovo, Kipilovo, Sliven, 8998, Bulgaria

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Property description

Amid all the splendor of the mountain is located sympathetic Little House Arcadia. You will find it in the village Kipilovo. With its friendly atmosphere, it will make you feel like you're home. Comfortable and welcoming, it guarantees enjoyment of each guest.

It is suitable for family vacation and also for relaxing with friends. It is a starting base for hunting and in any case would be the place to escape from everyday life.

Little Arcadia was built in Renaissance style and the atmosphere is really cozy.  Guests will rely on lounge for relaxation. Rooms are decorated in traditional style and offer all kinds of facilities.

For example you will use satellite TV. Convenience will represent the sauna and jacuzzi where you can relax. You can also enjoy aromatherapy with essential oils. The house has a small tavern with a fireplace suitable for 20 people. The barbecue will also be on services.

And from April to late October will enjoy and heated swimming pool. It is equipped with modern treatment plant that purifies water using silver ions and without any chemicals.

The dimensions of the pool are fifteen to five meters, and in addition to traditional entertainment, it will be able to enjoy the effect of the cross over and indulge in swimming activities.

Food offered here is entirely ecologically manufactured and certified. Prepare traditional, and local recipes. You will find genuine herbal honey, homemade cheese and butter, all teas and herbs, essential oils.

The house guests will admire and unique park, extending over an area of ​​four acres. There are growing over one hundred and eighty different species of plants coming from different parts of the world. Will walk down a very interesting maze "built" by six-foot Twi.

And the waters of the river flow into the small lake, which has a beautiful white gazebo. It is the place where you will indulge in tea ceremonies with herbs from the mountains.

Interesting are the sights that you can visit, such as the best-preserved Byzantine fortress country. You can feel the mystery of Harsul city. The region will also find remarkable rock formations - whole complexes, and separate caves as an example of "St. Forty Martyrs", featuring in the settlement. Walking around with Balkan jeep it will be a wonderful way to diversify time.

Small guest house also provided entertainment. Children parks CENTER is equipped with all the kids favorite things, such as swings and slides, trampoline. And one of the trees there is a cottage.


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Area activities

Different tours are organised. For more information you can send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call to +359878387038.

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