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4 Dobrudza street, Kotel, Sliven, 8970, Bulgaria

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House Sabchevi, Kotel offers 6 beds in total.

The house is located in the old town of Kotel, near the park "springs." This is a place where you can truly relax and spend quality time with the company, family or loved one.

The question: "What are your plans for the weekend?" Today many Bulgarians, without thinking, shared intention to welcome escape somewhere back in time, travel to one of the small, quiet and peaceful village in Kotel or in the boiler, where the mountain and its inhabitants affectionately welcomed and sheltered each "welcome."

To love unconditionally history, is another no less important reason you decide to come to the Kotel. To love, but not just any story, the past of his own people, which is not always illuminated by a blaze of glory and majesty, but also has dark, dramatic shades of most ordinary human weakness, slavery and oppression, spiritual darkness and emptiness.

The story is one that welcomes every tourist more of the approaches to the Kotel. If you come from southern Bulgaria, one of the few corners before Renaissance town, as if to silence stone 'welcome' to greet three war proudly and majestically standing on a hill, standing here on eternal guard. In the scale against them is carved the date 1280, while underneath is placed a lion - a symbol of strength and power with which to recall the glorious victory march on the lands of Ivaylo against the Byzantines.

In the vicinity of the boiler, this time 7 km south of the city, the ruins of an ancient fortress wall associated with the appearance of the eponymous castle peak (do not be fooled by the name - this is not the Baba Vida fortress on the Danube), at the foot of which the Byzantines suffered another bereavement still under Khan Krum in 811 years in the area called nowadays Greek Dol. Thus, a small nod to appreciate the history, the old Renaissance city welcomes its guests, ready to tell them about their past and present.

Boiler still called "stronghold of Bulgarian spirit" and "Cradle of the Renaissance".

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Different tours are organized. Please, ask on reception or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or  you could call on +359878387038.

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