Piano Bar BACARDI & FRIENDS is the epitome of a dream which is due to fight every day to get and deserve it.

Friendship is something special and proven over time. That feeling that makes the sound in music that leads to rising stars and wishes coming true.

Why BACARDI, you are probably asking?

Because this is a revolutionary drink that has forever changed alcohol consumption and led to the development of world cocktail culture.The sole creator of the Bacardi drink Don Facundo Mason intended to produce something slightly softer and more subtle.
And his wife - Dona Amalia Moreau Lucia offers the symbol of the drink to be the bat. The idea for this comes from a colony of bats that inhabit the roof of the distillery at that time. It symbolizes health, prosperity and family unity.

"BACARDI & FRIENDS" is open for you every day from 08:00am to 4:00am.
Take advantage of specials made for you and your friends which moments would be caught by our photographer.

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