Terms and Conditions for Guests visiting VisitSliven.com

Parties to the General Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions define the terms and conditions of use of website VisitSliven.com. Parties to these Terms and conditions:

1. VIP-Sliven Ltd with touroperator's and travel agent's license № PK-01-6616 and address for correspondence Sliven, Petko Karavelov tel: 044 / 622 707, mobile: 0887 / 974 269; UIC: 200 363 936. The website "VisitSliven.com" is property of the touroperator and travel agent VIP-Sliven Ltd;
2. Every Bulgarian / foreign natural or legal person who has agreed to these Terms.


Guest - are all natural and Bulgarian / foreign legal persons enjoy without making VisitSliven.com registration.

Advertiser - Advertisers are all Bulgarian / foreign physical entities that make direct or indirect advertising VisitSliven.com.

Moderators - Moderator, is an employee of VisitSliven.com, who ensure the proper functioning of the portal.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1.1 General Conditions shall be adopted by simple use of the website VisitSliven.com (as a Guest).
1.2 VisitSliven.com is a site that offers guests the following services:
1.2.1 Searching for information on packages, sites, tours, trips that are directly related to alternative forms of tourism;
1.2.2 Finding information on accommodation (hotels, holiday homes, hostel and houses);
1.2.3 Providing information on tourist attractions and destinations;
1.2.4 Posting author texts, photos, videos and other information related to travel and alternative forms of tourism.
1.2.5 Other support services related to organizing and storing information relating to the conduct of excursions, trips and alternative types of tourism.


2. Terms of Guests

2.1 VisitSliven.com provide services described in the following condition:

2.1.1 The portal does not publish or release to third parties personal information that includes email address, password, gender, date of birth, interests, hobbies and the like without the express consent of the user / guest. This type of data is intended solely for business purposes in order to reduce the use of the site and implement some additional services the company offers.


3. Copyright

All information on this site, the layout of VisitSliven.com, and the name is owned by VIP-Sliven Ltd and everything is protected by copyright and all related rights. Exception from this is information, sounds and images, which are with explicitly stated authorship or license under which they are distributed. Information published on the website of the advertisers is their copyright and can not be used outside VisitSliven.com site without their explicit consent .Advertisers are responsible for the information in advertisements.

VisitSliven.com reserves the right not to publish or destroy without warning and information materials, if it considers that they do not meet on any of the conditions set forth in these Terms or Internet etiquette, morality, or the Bulgarian legislation other applicable regulations.

3.1 VisitSliven.com reserves the right to terminate, modify and supplement the services and conditions.
3.2 VisitSliven.com not liable for damages resulting from reliance on information or other content placed on the site.
3.3 VisitSliven.com reserves the right to notify and fully cooperate with the competent government authorities of any material that violates the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and / or European Union law.
3.4 VisitSliven.com reserves the right to change the Terms at any time in accordance with relevant legal and statutory requirements and in its sole discretion, without prior information to users. Terms were published prominently in VisitSliven.com website and are available for each User.


4. "VIP Sliven" Ltd is obliged to:

4.1. To deliver personally or through another agreed travel and tourism provider the agreed services on the agreed price between the parties.

4.2. Upon receipt of all amounts due on the reservation prior to traveling to issue a travel voucher to the User.

4.3. To introduce the User in advance and in time their general conditions and by program.

4.4. To provide the user upon request its insurance contract with an insurance company Armeec Insurance, Sofia 1000, "Stefan Karadja" № 2, Art. 42 of the Tourism Act, covering liability for damage caused by not paying its contractors, including insolvency and bankruptcy.

4.5. To enter User name and on behalf of a licensed insurer compulsory insurance "Medical expenses for sickness or accident of the tourist" to provide the user before beginning the journey or it may make such insurance underwritten by yourself before your departure information on the essential elements of the insurance is in the General Conditions for the trip.

4.6. To familiarize the user with the possibility of extra insurance, as detailed in the General Conditions for travel by the consumer's request to insure.

4.7. To meet specific customer requirements brought by him before concluding the contract for which the parties have agreed;

4.8. To familiarize users with the visa requirements and immunizations.

4.9. In cases where a significant change in any of the substantive provisions of the reserved service, immediately notify the User, as it indicates that he is entitled to accept the changes which are further evidenced by a written agreement that specifies their effect on price or abandon the reservation without penalty or compensation.

5. The User agrees:

5.1. To pay fully and in due at time of booking under the terms and conditions the price of tourist services and to participate in the trips.

5.2. To provide necessary personal documents (passport - valid at least 8 months after the trip, prepared in accordance with the laws of the country visited and the Republic of Bulgaria, and to examine in detail with the exchange arrangements and conditions for exit and entry into the Republic of Bulgaria and the visiting country.

5.3. To conclude the tour operator or through a licensed private insurance compulsory insurance "medical expenses for illness or accident of the tourist", in the latter case to provide a copy of the same travel agent in advance of the start of the journey.

5.4. To examine the possibilities of concluding all types of additional insurance, including additional medical insurance, additional insurance "cancellation", etc., if it wishes the conclusion of such insurance, to sign an insurance policy offered by the tour operator or by a licensed insurer in the latter case to provide a copy of the same Tour operator before the start of the journey, and if he does not want extra insurance, to state it explicitly during or immediately after the signing of this contract.

5.5. Within 40 days before the trip request to transfer rights and obligations under the reservation of a third person who meets all the requirements for the trip, if the tour operator shall not refuse because of the extremely difficult journey and accept change in the country. The user who transfers his rights and obligations and the person is transferred trip, are jointly responsible to the tour operator or travel agent to pay the total price of the reservation and the costs associated with the transfer - the transfer fee 100 euro, fines, requirements counterparty and costs incurred to date. The third person declares on a contract that accepts all its conditions or signed new contracts with tour operators.

5.6. Immediately notify the supplier of specific services, tour operator or travel agent for each set of inaccurate performance of the Contract or the problems and shortcomings of the journey, the notification must be made in writing, in person, via fax, email or other technical tool, which allows it to be reproduced and which bears the signature of a particular person to whom it is addressed.

5.7. Pass the appropriate prevention and make the necessary immunizations according to the international medical requirements if it intends to travel and perform in countries with an increased risk of infectious diseases.

5.8. To observe the laws, including and the arrangements comply with the domestic, moral and religious traditions of the country in which it travels.


6.1. The reservation is terminated by its fulfillment or by mutual agreement of the parties.

6.2. Reservation can be spoiled by the party at fault of its major provisions of the defaulting party.

6.3. Deadline in which user has the right to withdraw from the booking without penalty and compensation is 40 calendar days or the period within which the airline could incur no additional fees and fines to return or replace pre-booked and prepaid or purchase tickets / or tickets /, this period also applies to cases in which the user is notified tour operator or travel agent that wants to direct its journey to a third party.

6.4. If cancellation is made between 40 to 14 days before departure date, a penalty of not less than 30% of the trip is incurred or if it is a package according to the terms of the specific programme.

6.5. If cancellation is made 13 to 8 days before departure date, a penalty of 70% / or the relevant percentage according to the terms of the specific program / of the cost of the trip is incurred.

6.6. If cancellation is made 7 and less days before departure date, a penalty of 100% of the trip.


7.1. The parties agreed that these terms and conditions of an organized trip not contain unfair terms within the meaning of Art. 143 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

7.2. The User declares that:

7.2.1. Aware in advance and on time with all conditions of this contract, general conditions of an organized trip, with the program and the Catalogue of the Tour operator.

7.2.2. Is familiar with the possibility of extra insurance and willing / unwilling to negotiate with insurance "cancellation or termination of the trip" / "cancellation".

7.2.3. Before concluding this contract was aware of and has received detailed information about passport and visa of the country, the deadline for receipt of required documents and information on medical and health requirements and the requirements for immunizations related to travel and stay ;

7.2.4. No other special requirements Turopera before and at the conclusion of this contract.

7.2.5. Well aware of the requirement that if a person under 18 traveling without parents or with one, requires a notarized permission from parent / child parents to participate in the trip, the office of the tour operators have submitted a photocopy to 7 days before Departure and return the original worn during the trip.

7.2.6. Is familiar with information provided by the Tour operator and travel information that it is accurate, complete and not mislead the consumer.

7.2.7. Provided by his personal data are true and agrees to utilize the Tour operator for the purpose of the trip.


8.1. Each reservation "real time" or "Request" will be adopted as an action (or request) to purchase the relevant accommodation subject to this reservation. Upon confirmation of booking VisitSliven.com sends to the user confirmation by e-mail with a reservation number.
8.2. It's the user's responsibility to check the reservation and track compliance of all confirmed parameters;
8.3. VisitSliven assumes that the reservation is confirmed after its payment in full;
8.4. When booking "real time" payment in full must be made at the time of booking; When inquiring or demandind payment is made under fixed terms, after confirmation;
8.5. All payments are translated into Euro at a rate of "sale" of the currency CIBank on the day of payment.
8.5.1. Accepted and payments to the bank account of "VIP Sliven" CiBank - Sliven branch, BIC: BG44BUIB, IBAN: BG44 BUIB 7899 1024 3142 00;
8.5.2. As an exception to accept cash payments;
8.6. Accommodation in the hotel is by presenting the electronic vouchers issued by the system VisitSliven.com, and presentation of identity documents, legitimizing User in whose name the booking was made.
8.7. Call for changes or cancellations of reservations "Real time" and type "Request" could be made by the User on request at least 5- 7 days before arrival or check-in depending on the hotel, package or attractions booked.
8.8. After this time the reservation is considered irreversible and subject to change only in the direct relationship between the User and VIP-Sliven Ltd if the specific conditions allow.
8.9. Reservations could not be cancelled and reimbursed if a call for cancellation is made later than 5 days before arrival/check-in, also not on the day of arrival/check-in or after that.
8.10. All prices advertised in the information part of the site VisitSliven.com, as well as e-mail messages sent by User are in Euro and are final.
8.11. All prices advertised online reservation system VisitSliven.com, as well as e-mail confirmations sent by User are final and in Euro and are translated into BGN at a rate of "sale" of CIBank on the day of payment;
8.12. "VIP Sliven" Ltd. as a tour operator guarantees its customers that will support lower prices than those offered the hotel reception, but is not liable in the event that for one reason or another when it is not so;
8.13. Categorization of accommodation offered in VisitSliven.com is the official one declared by the hotel according to the current Law on Tourism (Section IV - Classification of tourist sites). This categorization has informational purposes and is not WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES BY THE "VIP - Sliven" Ltd.;
8.14. User acknowledges that he/she is an adult citizen (over 18 years) and it's subject to prosecution according to the current laws of Republic of Bulgaria if he/she violates the Terms of use of the tour operator VIP-Sliven Ltd.;
8.15. User declares that he has given in the form of reservation telephone, fax, e-mail can actually be used by "VIP - Sliven" Ltd., if necessary.